About Me

Name: Sam

Birthday: 15th March 1995

Age: 23

From: South London

Twitter: @girlwithablog16

Hobbies: I love football, writing and reading!

Hi guys! Thanks so much for being interested in my blog! My name is Sam and I am 23 years old. I am from London, also a university grad who now is trying to find a job. Scary!

I love reading and especially finding new blogs to read and follow so comment if you’d like me to check your blog out. My blog doesn’t have a set ‘topic’ which I don’t think it needs too. I am a football fan so some of my posts will be football related, I like make up so some will be related to make up, if it’s random I’ll end up posting about it.

Another thing you should know is I have Joint Hypermobility. You can see my post about living with Joint Hypermobility here. But basically it just means I am severely double jointed which causes pain on a daily basis and in the future they will dislocate.  So far everything is good, every now and then I post updates so look out for them if you want.

If there is anything else you want me to answer just write the question below I’d be happy to add it to the list or email me agirlwithablog16@gmail.com. Like always you can find me on Twitter @girlwithablog16

Thanks so much for reading!

Sam x